***Welcome to our final full season at Ivy House; Jewish education, language learning, music, arts & leisure & the FUSION youth programme. News about LJCC @ JW3 in the summer, coming soon.***

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The Jews of Bradford.

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Focus on Russia:<br>A Taste of Russia With The Russian Revels
Focus on Russia:
A Taste of Russia With The Russian Revels
How many of us have favourite family recipes that travelled here from the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe - the roots of Ashkenazi cookery? As part of our 'Focus on Russia' season, come and join Russian Revels, Karina Baldry and Katrina Kollegaeva, for an evening of tasting, drinking and learning about the origins of some of these iconic dishes – as well as some surprising inventions - accompanied, of course, by Russian vodka and music.... read more

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type Wednesday 11 March 2015,
8 - 9.30pm
Focus on Russia:
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
with Trudy Gold
Conspiracy theories have always abounded. Trudy will examine the story of the most notorious forgery in history – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It was commissioned in Russia during the reign of Nicholas II. It has been translated into practically every language and is one of the major ingredients in the history of modern anti-Semitism.... read more
Wednesday 11 March 2015,
2 - 3.30pm
£16 pre-booked (£20 on the day)

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Israeli Election Night Question Time with Panelists: Caroline Beck, Yossi Mekelberg & Jeremy Newmark
with New Israel Fund
Live results of Israeli TV exit polls followed by analysis and Q&A with our expert panel.... read more
Tuesday 17 March 2015, 7.45-9.45pm

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The Success-Happiness Equation
with Rona Hart
Most people believe that once they become successful, then they’ll be happy, but recent studies have shown that this formula is actually flawed! In this workshop we discuss the intriguing connection between happiness and success, and learn how a positive outlook can help us excel.... read more
Sunday 15 March 2015,
2 - 4pm
£16 pre-booked (£20 on the day)

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How Do You Become a Saint?
With Clive Lawton
All around us are schools and streets named after saints, but who are they and who decides who makes it in? We’ll look at the way in which the title is applied, both formally and informally, by different traditions and groups, and the qualifications you’ll need if becoming a saint is part of your career plan.... read more
Monday 16 March 2015,
10.30am - 12.30pm
£16 pre-booked (£20 on the day)

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