***It's 'business as usual' at the LJCC's Ivy House until the end of August 2015. Continue to come and participate in Jewish education, discussion and debate, language learning, arts and culture and our full FUSION youth programme. Exciting news about the LJCC @ JW3 from Autumn 2015 coming soon.***

UK Jewish Film Festival screenings at Ivy House: The Last of The Unjust, In Silence, The Last Mentsch, Irwin & Fran, The Polgar Variant & The Champagne Spy. Click titles for info and to book.

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DEBATE: ‘A benign dictatorship is the best form of government' <br></font>
DEBATE: ‘A benign dictatorship is the best form of government'
with Rod Liddle, Alistair Burt MP, Sarah Sackman & Rob Gifford Chair: Jon Silverman
Winston Churchill famously said ‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.’... read more

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type Wednesday 10 December 2014, 8pm
£12 pre booked (£15 on the day)
5 Kilo Sugar
What would you do if your late grandfather started appearing in your life through people you know or randomly meet?

In a theatrical mockumentary style 5 Kilo Sugar follows the story of Gur Koren, who is sent on a mission that begins with sugar smuggling in the Second World War and ends in the bed of a junior lecturer of Eastern European history.... read more
Sunday 16 November 2014, 7.30pm
£12 (pre-booked), £15 on the day

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Fernando Botero:
'The Most Colombian of Colombian Artists'
With Antge Nisimblat Heller
Fernando Botero is one of the world’s most famous living artists. His paintings and sculpture are characterised by power, sensuality, volume, satire and paradox. Master in Art History from Stockholm University, Antge Nisimblatt Heller will describe Botero’s unique style through caricature, naïve art, primitivism and magic realism.... read more
Monday 20 October 2014, 8pm
£10 in advance (£12 on the day)

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London Recorded by Camera: Street Photography in the East End
with Stefan Dickers
Stefan Dickers, Library and Archives Manager at the Bishopsgate Institute, presents a history of street photography in the East End of London, from the 1850s to the present day.... read more
Monday 3 November 2014, 2-3.30pm
£15 pre booked (£20 on the day)

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Guided Walk:
In and Out the Angel
with Rachel Kolsky
With its many watery, cinematic and theatrical associations this area of London is a delight to explore. Join Rachel Kolsky on this walk through its quiet backstreets and canal towpaths and hear stories of Starvation Farm, Disraeli's schooldays, Joe Orton with his rather unusual visits to the local library and London's first pub theatre.... read more
Thursday 30 October 2014, 11am
£15 (pre bookings only)

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