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London Jewish Cultural Centre
Ivy House,
94-96 North End Road,
NW11 7SX

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020 8457 5000

W(h)ither Britain
W(h)ither Britain
William Tyler
An examination of the constitutional state of Britain today, and the possibilities of future change, by reference to history. We shall seek answers to questions such as: What elements of a written constitution do we already have in place? As we inevitably become a federal state, what sort of alternative federal, or even confederal, options exist?... read more

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type Thursdays 10.30am-12.30pm, starting 15 January 2015
£155 (early bird discount until 6 January 2015)
Term Starting 15th January
The Good Old Bad Old Days
with Stephen Burstin
Join our award-winning Jewish London tour guide and historian Stephen Burstin for this informative and entertaining talk. From the Medieval expulsion of Jews to their return as impoverished Eastern European immigrants only to face a life of toil and misery. Meet colourful characters who had a powerful impact on the community. Film slides and music accompany an afternoon of heartbreaking and heart-warming tales.... read more
Monday 19 January 2015,
2.30 - 4pm
£16 pre-booked (£20 on the day)

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Shakespeare's Tragedies
Clive Lawton
It being the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, when better to explore the plays that most present us with the challenges of life and death? We will discuss the background, the content and the thrust of one of the plays each week.... read more
Tuesdays 10.30am-12.30pm, starting 20 January 2015
£139 (early bird discount until 6 January 2015) Term Starting 20th January

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Intermediate English for Israeli's
Anita Bamberger-Hayim
Save £5 by booking before 6 January 2015 (full price £140)

Improve and perfect your English. All aspects covered: business and conversational English, grammar, reading and writing in a fun and interactive class. Don’t miss out!... read more
Thursdays at 7pm
£135 with early booking discount Term Starting 15th January

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Around the Bible in 80 Paintings
Rina Wolfson
A whistle-stop tour of the major events and characters of the Old Testament, through the eyes of some of the greatest artists who ever lived. From the creation of the world, through stories of Patriarchs, prophets and kings, we’ll explore these fascinating events through major works of art.... read more
Mondays 10.00am-12.00pm, starting 19 January 2015
£123 (early bird discount until 6 January 2015) Term Starting 19th January

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