UK Schools Speaker Programme

In 1994 Holocaust studies became a compulsory part of the UK school curriculum. This led the Holocaust and Anti-Racism Department of the London Jewish Cultural Centre to formalise its visiting speaker programme, formerly run on an ad hoc basis.

Students were unanimous in the verdict that this was the most important historical experience they had ever had

Vandean School, Kent

We are immensely grateful to the survivors and organisers. We feel privileged to be able to hear their story first hand

Canford School, Dorset

Over the past 14 years the programme has gone from strength to strength, reaching out to schools throughout the country. Since then, Holocaust survivors have given direct testimony to over 100,000 students.

The Holocaust survivors, not all of whom are Jewish, are people with direct experience of the Holocaust. They cover the gamut of Holocaust experience: kindertransport, ghettos, hidden children, false passports, slave labour, camps. They have been helped in the presentation of their testimony and in dealing with questions from both pupils and teachers.

Our grateful thanks goes to the many survivors who gave of their time voluntarily, and to the marvellous team of volunteer drivers who drove them to and from talks.

...Without the visit the Holocaust would just seem like another history topic. It gave a reality to the subject which it is impossible to convey through textbooks

La Sainte Union School, London

In April 2013, the Holocaust & Anti Racism Department of the London Jewish Cultural Centre formed a partnership with the Holocaust Educational Trust in order to rationalise the speaker programme. As of April 2013, Holocaust Educational Trust has taken responsibility for the speaker programme and the London Jewish Cultural Centre now provides a new enrichment programme giving survivors a chance to get together, share experiences and enjoy events covering a wide range of cultural topics. Interest in the cultural context of these events is always great, as is the opportunity for our speakers to spend time together over coffee and tea afterwards.

For further information about the speaker programme and/or to book a speaker, please contact Karen Van Coevorden at Holocaust Educational Trust on 020 7222 6822 or email